Agent Video Profile Examples

Sign up for your Video Profile. Gina, our videographer is shooting every month.

Call Gina 1-323-422-0987 or email to reserve your date and time.

You simply pick a setting which could be a listing, your home, or any setting. We provide you with 10 questions to answer like "What sets you apart from other agents?" and "Do you have tips for buyers or sellers".

If you want to have a client participate, we provide you with 5 simple questions/comments for them to answer like "Tell us how you met".

If you want your photo instead of a live shot to show while you speak thats okay. It takes about 90 minutes to create the 2 minute Video Profile.

The cost is $299.

The video can be on the front page of your website, you can use it for your Zillow profile, include it on your monthly emailed Las Vegas Market Watch Newsletters, YouTube Channel, your Facebook business page, and the list goes on.